Why Use Linux?

Here are a few of the many reasons why you or anybody else should use Linux

Absolutely Free

Linux is a free operating system both in terms of pricing and licensing. You can download and install it for free and you can even modify Linux OS, make copies of it to distribute it to your friends, family and colleagues.

Revive Old Computer

Don’t throw your old computer just yet. Linux has got your back when it comes to low end configuration system. Some Linux OS can run on a system with just 128 MB RAM.


While your system is continually at risk of virus and malware, Linux is renowned for its security. You don’t even need an antivirus in Linux. No wonder it is the most obvious choice when it comes to security.


Linux has thousands of free and open source applications available to use for free. You can browse the software in software center and select the ones best on ratings and reviews.


If you like tweaking the looks of your operating system, you’ll love Linux. With icons, themes, Conky, panel, dock launchers, you can customize the looks of Linux desktop in every possible way you can imagine.


Linux project itself has been built around a vibrant community. When you are in need of help, you can get a variety of support in the form of documentation, forums and live chat.

Switching to Linux is fairly easy

Linux has all the applications that you expect in any regular operating system such as Windows

LibreOffice Logo

With LibreOffice, you won’t miss Microsoft Office

Most Linux operating systems come with LibreOffice suite installed by default. This free productivity suite is the best alternative to Microsoft Office and you don’t have to pay a single penny for it. With LibreOffice, you can create documents, spreadsheets and presentations, same as you do with Microsoft Office. You can also open and edit any existing Word, Excel and Powerpoint slides you’ve already got.

Web Browsers in Linux

Browsing the web is the same in Linux

You’ll have your favorite web browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera etc in Linux, all the same, except Internet Explorer. But hey, who uses Internet Explorer anyway?

Graphic design tools in Linux

Unleash your creativity

In Linux, you get free and open source alternative applications for all your creative needs. So you got Gimp, Inkscape and Krita for graphics editing, Ardour for audio editing and OpenShot and Blender for your video editing requirements. Best of all, you don’t need to pay for any of these tools.

For all your multimedia needs

You have plenty of free and open source music players to manage your music library. In addition to that, some of these players are also capable of playing online radio and integrating your favorite streaming service. Not to mention, you can install plenty of plugins to further enhance the capabilities and looks of these music players. Rhythmbox, Clementine and Tomahawk players are just a few examples. For your video needs, VLC and MPV players are capable of playing any video format you’ve got.

games for Linux

Let the game begin!

Gaming on Linux has never been this strong. There are thousands of Linux games available. You can search and find mainstream Linux games on portals like Steam and GOG. You can also download and play indie games from itch.io. Not to forget that you can get plenty of indie games in the default software center itself.

What are your options?

There are plenty of Linux-based operating systems available. In fact, we can say there is a Linux distribution for everyone’s needs be it gaming, hacking or designing. Considering that you are just starting with Linux, here are some of the most popular and beginner-friendly Linux distributions you can use right now

Ubuntu Linux Logo


Undoubtedly, the king of desktop Linux, Ubuntu has a huge following and some solid community backing.

You’ll find plenty of websites, forums dedicated to Ubuntu. Easy to get help for your troubleshoot.

Thanks to its large user base, Ubuntu enjoys the attention of third-party developers.

Perfect Linux OS for anyone to start using Linux.

Linux Mint Logo

Linux Mint

Considered the most user-friendly Linux distribution, Linux Mint aims to provide a complete out of the box experience.

Since Linux Mint derives from Ubuntu itself, it enjoys the same support from third-party vendors.

Consider Linux Mint as a more user and beginner friendly version of Ubuntu.

Perfect Linux OS for Windows users.

elementary OS Logo

elementary OS

Aesthetically, the best Linux distribution. It puts design first and does a pretty solid job on its looks.

It provides custom built applications on top of its MacOS like desktop, for a visually pleasant experience.

Since elementary OS too is based on Ubuntu, it enjoys the same privileges from third-party devs.

Perfect Linux OS for Mac users.